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Client Agreement

          Client Agreement:      The placement of temporary employees by Teds Temps                                                       Staffing with Client is subject to terms and conditions                                                set forth by Teds Temps Staffing and Client agrees to the following                                             when placing a request/order for temporary workers  and                                                     conditions:

                                                Client shall pay invoices upon receipt and will be                                                                    responsible for all reasonable attorney's fees and/or other                                                    costs and expenses incurred by Teds Temps Staffing LLC in enforcing this agreement.

                                                Client shall not directly or indirectly employ any temporary                                                  employee, temp-to-hire employee or regular hire employee                                                    furnished by Teds Temps Staffing for a period of six                                                      (6)  months following the employee's last day of work for                                                      the client or for a period of  six (6) months following the                                                       date that Teds Temps Staffing presented employee to                                                   the client. Client agrees to pay the placement fee set by                                                         Teds  Temps Staffing for a total of 850 paid hours if                                                     Client hires employee directly and/or indirectly and/or for                                                     the  amount of hours otherwise agreed upon in writing by                                                     Teds Temps Staffing and Client.

                                              Client shall not allow an Teds Temps Staffing employee                                                to operate machinery or vehicles. Teds Temps Staffing insurance will not cover physical loss or damage caused by                                                an employee's operation of Client's machinery or vehicles.                                                    Client agrees to hold Charles Ted Herring and Teds Temps                                                      Staffing LLC and its employees harmless from any loss or                                                    liability arising from the operation of Client's machinery and vehicles.

                                              Under no circumstances will Teds Temps Staffing or its                                                insurers be responsible for any claims of employee                                                               dishonesty or misconduct unless such claims are reported to                                               Teds Temps Staffing within (5) days of the occurrence                                                   and Client cooperates fully in the investigation and                                                                 prosecution of such claim.

                                             Client agrees to the foregoing terms and conditions and no                                                   oral statement shall modify or affect the foregoing terms and                                               conditions. Any and all changes must be acknowledged in                                                   writing by Teds Temps Staffing LLC.


Dear Valued Client:

Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible, to provide a safe work environment for our employees and yours and to keep our insurance rates low. To do so, we want to have a mutual understanding of safety and on-the job injury procedures, practices and philosophies:

__   Only work our employees on jobs for which they have been assigned and trained. Any variance must be reported to our office before work begins.

__   Our clients are responsible for Safety Program implementation, management and training as required by OSHA standards.  Our employees will be oriented/trained in all safety-related programs such as: Hazard Communication (MSDS), Noise Hazard, First Aid, Lock-Out/Tag-Out, Respirator Programs and Fire Procedures.

 __   Our employees will be required to wear all appropriate safety equipment.

__    We will be notified if any of our employees will be required to wear respirators or any other such PPE (personal protective equipment) which requires fit testing, medical evaluation, a written program, training, etc.  The client will forward a copy of all said documents to Teds Temps .

__    Our clients will ensure that Teds Temps employees have been certified to operate any powered equipment as required. Certification must be Powered-Industrial-Truck-specific as required by OSHA.

__   Our clients should include our employees in any safety meetings attended by other workers in similar positions.

__   Our clients will consent to site inspections by members of Teds Temps Staffing in areas where our employees work.

Teds Temps will provide reasonable advance notice of the visit during normal business hours and complies with any requirements of visitors.

__  We will be notified immediately in the event of accident or injury of one of our employees.  We will coordinate appropriate medical treatment (unless it is an emergency) with physicians from our workers compensation panel.  

__  Our clients will allow a qualified representative of Teds Temps Staffing to investigate and obtain a report after an accident or injury to insure proper disposition of possible worker's compensation claims. This investigation will not be used for any purpose beyond proper disposition of possible worker’s compensation claims.

 __  Our clients will immediately notify Teds Temps Staffing  in the event any of our employees act intoxicated or act in a suspicious manner.

These areas of agreement are intended to ensure a safe and productive partnership and reduce your liability to a minimum.