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 Teds Temps Inc Full-Service Staffing

When changing market conditions require your business to make staffing adjustments, 

call Teds Temps Inc  

We provide quality candidates and flexibility

for all of your staffing needs.

We are a full-service professional staffing firm

that can provide the highest caliber

temporary employees and candidates

for direct hire positions.

Tools including behavioral based interviewing,

detailed skills evaluation, safety training,

and e-verify Employment Eligibility Verification

ensure that we are referring the people

who best fit your requirements.

Our services include:

Flexible Staffing Short and Long-term

Temporary Employees


Staffing Direct Hire 

Large or small volume needs

Strategic Staffing Management

Vendor On Premise

An Teds Temps Certified Staffing Professional

will work at your job site to coordinate

all aspects of your staffing.

Single Source Management  Teds Temps

becomes a single point of contact

for all your temporary staffing needs,

including managing backup vendors

and simplifying your billing

to one consolidated invoice.

Teds Temps Inc

Direct Hire Placement

Looking for the best candidates

to fill  your Direct Hire needs?

Want to search locally or outside of the  area,

but don't have the resources? 

Teds Temps Professional Placement Service

is here to help.

What Do We Do?

Our staff locates, recruits, and screens

the best candidates from across the country.

Teds Temps maintains productive

and positive working relationships

with business professionals

throughout the South.

Terms & Conditions

Client Agreement

          Client Agreement:      The placement of temporary employees by Teds Temps Incorporated with Client is subject to terms and conditions                                                set forth by Teds Temps Inc and Client agrees to the following                                             when placing a request/order for temporary workers  and                                                     conditions:

                                                Client shall pay invoices upon receipt and will be responsible for all reasonable attorney's fees and/or other costs and expenses incurred by Teds Temps Incorporated in enforcing this agreement.

                                                Client shall not directly or indirectly employ any temporary employee, temp-to-hire employee or regular hire employee furnished by Teds Temps Incorporated for a period of six (6)  months following the employee's last day of work for  the client or for a period of  six (6) months following the date that Teds Temps Incorporated presented employee to  the client. Client agrees to pay the placement fee set by  Teds  Temps Incorporated for a total of 1,450 paid hours if  Client hires employee directly and/or indirectly and/or  the  amount of hours otherwise agreed upon in writing by Teds Temps Incorporated and Client.

                                              Client shall not allow an Teds Temps Incorporated employee to operate machinery or vehicles. Teds Temps Incorporated insurance will not cover physical loss or damage caused by  an employee's operation of Client's machinery or vehicles.  Client agrees to hold Charles Ted Herring and Teds Temps Incorporated and its employees harmless from any loss or  liability arising from the operation of Client's machinery and vehicles.

                                              Under no circumstances will Teds Temps Incorporated or its insurers be responsible for any claims of employee dishonesty or misconduct unless such claims are reported to Teds Temps Incorporated within (5) days of the occurrence and Client cooperates fully in the investigation and prosecution of such claim.

                                             Client agrees to the foregoing terms and conditions and no  oral statement shall modify or affect the foregoing terms and conditions. Any and all changes must be acknowledged in  writing by Teds Temps Incorporated.

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